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PostSubject: RULES FOR GAME AND FORUM   Sat Jun 07, 2008 12:22 am

Here are the Rules.

Server Rules:

1 No Hacks, Bug using, Scam etc. doing so will result in beeing blocked no exeptions.

2 No Spam - Not per shouts or in normal chat. If you spam you will get kicked. If you continue after 3 kicks you get a one-day Block.

3 No insults, no Racism etc.

4 Dont beg GMs/Admins for Stuff or LvL Help etc.

5 Listen to the GMs/Admins - if we tell you somthing you do it no arguements, any none complience can be a block or a permanent ban

6 Dont talk shit about the GMs/Admins or the Server. If you dont like it tell us what we could change or just leave, but dont bad mouth other peoples work .

7 AFK Splash or leveling is not allowe on this Server. When a GM pm you, you need to answer in 5 Minutes! The Reason is when you dont answere a 24 hours ban. You can make a shop or something.

8 Never copi a GMs name!! If we see somebody copy the names of a GM the player get a permanent block!!

9 Dont make publicity for other server on Forum, Teamspeak or Ingame!! U get a block!!!

10 It`s not allowed to resell Demons Sword higher than 100k!!!!!

Note: Assassin drops may or may not be returned - depends on players. GM will not get them back for you.
If u kill low lvl Player its ur risk, that u will be killed by other Players!

Warning: If anyone says he is a GM and is NOT in GM Overview of the Forum dont trust him and tell a Real GM about that

And please never forget that u also was a new player on this server. Dont laugh about new players fault. Help them with ur knowlegde.

Forum Rules:

1 No Spam (no Multi-Post etc) - Edit your posts when you forgot something

2 No Insults, No Racism etc

3 Dont talk shit about the GMs/Admins or the Server. If you dont like it tell us what we could do better or just leave.
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